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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear to my physical therapy appointments?

Since a typical physical therapy session may include exercising and movement of the body, you are encouraged to wear well-fitted, comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement.


How long does a therapy session last?

Depending on your diagnosis, a session may take about 45 minutes to one hour. However, the physical therapist will make that determination after the initial examination.


Can my diagnosis be helped with physical therapy?

Our goal is to help you get better without the use of drugs. We will work closely with your physician to restore our optimal body function.


What can I expect as a patient?

Our main goal is to help you regain your normal physical ability.


As a patient, you will be treated by professional staff who will listen attentively to your specific needs to deliver the care you deserve.


You will receive personalized care suited to treat your condition at our facility, and education on at home program to help you reach your goal.

Physical Therapy Consultation, Adam Cohen
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